Managing Partner’s Voice

Dreams are nothing but our experiences and how we want to deal with them."

So if i say it all started with a dream, it only implies that my understanding of the circumstances around has led me to the urge to accomplish it.

The word 'passion' is used extensively these days. But i don't think all those who use it understand it's true sense. In my view, passion is the only thing, for which humans need to live. In a life, the days we live without passion is the time we aren't born yet. We come to existence with it. To pursue it becomes our life's journey. It can be love, it can be service, it can be career...or it can be all of them.

My passion for the trade craft of realty began, when i understood the prominence of having a piece of land. Owning a share on the planet we live, no matter how miniscule it maybe is something that excited me to the end. At that moment, i know, my vocation was towards geo merchandising. Rendering the clients with the fairest of trade and accomplishing the motive of commensurate growth has fuelled us, the surya group to the heights we have only dreamt of.

There is no dichotomy between our customers and us. We are an inseparable unit. A paradigm embellishing the concept of mutual growth. We strive together and we thrive together. Well it's been a journey full of intricacies and detangling, and i forged out something which i followed as a thumb rule to be successful.

"Meet fine people and try to become one. Exert your energy to bringout a herald of new productivity."