Administration of Surya’s Voice

Surya group. The firm that needs no introduction in the express domain of manoeuvring several occupations of commerce. With it's services spanning more than two decades, pivoting primarily upon the realestate enterprise.

Helming a firm concerning speculative aspects with a poisedly subjective nature towards a bright day,everyday is not a child's play. Well our esteemed managing partner, D. Subba Reddy, with his meticulous instincts and self driven and persistent aura has been overseeing the prospects of Surya by turning the tentative aspectsinto certain facts.

Governing the personnel of Surya and it's corresponding wings, and guiding the workforce with his astute calibre, our Managing Partner has been doing this since the company's inception. Being a scholar himself, D. Subba Reddy envisions the journey of Surya, taking the aide of his rich academic facet, he manages to step over every hurdle and steer the organisation towards a scintillatingly promising future.